Names in order of appearance

Ronald Brutin
Detlef Schlich is an interdisciplinary visual artist and ritual designer working with performance, photography, drawing and painting, sound, installations, and film.

Aki Vist
Louise Edwards

Captain Italist AKA Fist
Paul Cobb

Tara Celsus
Dagmar Ramge has been a member of a street theater company where she was able to express her creative talent through developing props and other artwork. She also was in a samba band.  She is a member of Bang On, a West Cork multi-instrumental band who regularly plays at various events.

Messenge Metaxy
Jared Diamond is an artist with vast experiences in film, music, theatre, writing, and photography – of which very little is documented. Jared is keeping his personal life out of media and doesn’t share contact details with the public.




Thomas Wiegandt is a multi-artist and composer. His artistic work is a vast jungle of unexpected surprises around the next bend of the meandering pathways of life.  It comprises many forms of creative artistic expressions in various media working preferably with natural or recycled material (NatureArt). He stresses that „I see myself rather as a medium that allows the infinite cosmic vibrations to flow through me and thus became an earthly instrument to express the Omni-versal energy, both at random and purposefully.“

His artworks are mostly leaning towards a spirited and new experimental approach in a constructive and positive way with aesthetic, innovative and surprising results. 
Thomas is a shamanic spirit community artist. He rejects the ego-driven and money-oriented conventional art world, which is according to him often exclusive, elitist and lacking in spirit.

Zora Zorba
(in negotiation)

Carla Maeleon
Susy Cremers

Djinn Ann Young
Corina Thornton

Short Attention Span Dan
(in negotiation)

Becky Backstab
(in negotiation)

Ali Iance
(in negotiation)

Robert Howard Timme

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