A Critical Crossover Opera by Detlef Schlich

At the present time, our species in Europe and eventually all over the world faces a number of problems and threats: poverty, overpopulation, ocean and land pollution, deforestation, climate change, wars and the threat of nuclear war. All of these problems are exacerbated by tribalism, which means the belief that one’s own social group is better than others and therefore always right.

Worldwide, it is becoming increasingly clear that questions of identity and affiliation have become a highly political factor. The question of whether and to what extent cultural policy can be a means against the increasing nationalization of our societies is discussed even louder today than we could have imagined recently.

This contemporary opera should help us understand why it is imperative for us to realize that we are all one people, regardless of our ethnicity or place of birth.

This critical art project is pioneering a new approach to devising storytelling and film. It explores the destructive force of tribalism, it effects on society and proposes solutions.

Finally, it is hoped that it will help to enable and equip others to ask those same questions and seek to contribute to a more informed debate. Critical Enlightenment, understanding and a commitment to evolve beyond tribalism could turn out to be a key step in our journey to assure a brighter future for our planet, us humans, and all of nature.