Making of Tribal Loop

2. Tribal Loop Update.

Hello, dear comrades in crime. I hope that everyone is well locked up and keeps away from disaster (or not). My performance colleagues and the production team from Tribal Loop are eagerly waiting for the further processing of the first act.  Loosening measures of the lockdown is crucial to be able to take advantage of further filming this summer. I use the lockdown to prepare the postponed Indigo crowdfunding launch or work on presentations of the opera, marketing strategies etc. Usually, you have a huge team for that, but there is currently no money for the production costs. I am also still looking for a reputable Irish-based charity organization that takes care of the integration of international immigrants and refugees. Please contact me or get more information at On top you can see the first draft for this page, which I designed last year but have now discarded. I would be very grateful if you would continue to share this page in order to be able to address or reach more people on the subject of tribalism. See you soon. Detlef

1. Update


The pressure is on. The crowdfunding launch for the Indigogo Campagne for the first ACT should start on the 21 of March 2020. Due to unforeseen circumstances in regard to the European-wide impact of the (thankfully not very aggressive) Coronavirus, I might take another date into consideration. Instead, I would like to present some photos of my tribal loop – critical crossover opera research. I keep you updated.


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